This blog is a reflection of my journey while intending to keep my home life dynamic! I, like many other moms find my children, to often be very needy and demanding (especially when it is time to make supper!) especially when my attention is divided between the home and the other passionate pursuits of my life! Even I find it difficult to find the space to nurture my childrens basic needs for nutrition and well-being, in spite of the fact that I am a stay at home with mothering as my most primary task (and despite the fact that I am a nutritionist; we teach what we need to learn!). An outsider to motherhood might find this very curious situation. Surely you’d think that in a 16 hour period, a person could get three meals on the table and keep a tidy house! Yet many women, my self included, find this to be an insurmountable task even though we spend most of our days working toward that end!
My own hypothesis is that what makes staying at home with our children, cooking and “keeping house” such a difficult if not insurmountable task, is simply the absence of rhythmic routines and boundaries which serve to nurture a healthy balance between order and spontaneity. If you put my life on camera, I’d be moving to and fro all day, but one really couldn’t say what tasks I actually complete. Everything is in process and starting over again! That is a mother’s work. Its value is beyond measure, yet the work is “invisible” to the naked eye.
To some degree or another, most of us have an intuitive sense that if we were to become organized, and follow through on whatever our said intentions are for enjoying life as a homemaker, and as a stay at home mom, those things would have to be defined and implemented in a reliable, workable fashion. Yet how many of us have really sat down and determined what the life of our dreams would be like (and look like) inside the context of home? Sure, we have our ideals, but have you ever created a plan and taken concrete steps that would make that life possible?
Many of us have probably asked the question and scribbled notes on paper to plan the day after we get our hands on some good old fashioned motivational books or CD’s. Yet, even when it looks good on paper, it is easier said than done and the best of intentions are carried away into the distant past! What is it that keeps us from following through on our intentions and plans?
“Whims” Defined by the Dictionary: Impulsive or unpredictable often sudden idea or turn of the mind. We’ll talk more about this in a later posting, but let’s begin to ask the question?Am I living on purpose or are am I being driven by my whims?