Today felt like a productive yet flowing day. I never did get to setting any intentions, but somehow the day felt dynamic even in the absence of a set rhythm. What made the difference today, was just a getting present to what was needed and doing it with out being obsessive about it. Any other moms find that it is difficult to not resist the interruptions throughout the day? Sometimes I find that it is not the interruptions themselves that make it challenging for me, but rather my resistance to the interruptions. I often fall into the attitude of “do it right now, or not at all”. When I am resisting like that, I want to throw my hands up in the air and give up. My inner victim will cry out see, “they (meaning the kids) won’t let me do anything”! Since for at least today, that voice is quiet, I can really see the reality of it. On those days I am difficult and I am whiny!

Today, I am happy. I stayed up late again last night, but I accomplished so much and took the time out to do a guided progressive relaxation CD called Calm Healing by Robert Newman the creator of the Calm Birth New Method for Childbirth. I awoke invigorated, albeit my husband did let me sleep in till 9:00 am. I found myself able to be with the children, despite the fact that I had to run out to buy travel insurance and was enamored by setting up TWITTER on my website

I managed to make a wholesome lunch, clean up the lunch dishes and give both the girls foot baths and massages. After three stories we had rest time. I tried to do vase breath meditation, but I gave into a short nap!

Around 4pm a friend and her daughter came over and I made Palak and Saffron rice over good conversation and felt fulfilled having had a day of going with the flow, yet I wasn’t in a frenzy despite not having clear intentions.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that even without rhythm, it is possible to go with the flow if we can get present to what is really needed in each moment without being distracted by our habits and compulsions to be busy.

While I didn’t intend to be awake today, I just was naturally more present today. Tomorrow, I will make it my practice. I’m not gonna think I should be doing this or doing that, but rather, I will ask each moment what it is calling for and then act from there.

Please join me if you feel so inspired and share your story with us!