Yesterday I posted my intention to be informed by what each moment called for today. Today was a great day for practice as I was thrown off by childcare I didn’t know that I’d be doing today and my husband left for a 10am meeting and didn’t get back until 3pm! This is the night before I leave for the WECAN Early Childhood Conference and we were to have friends and their new 6 week old baby over for dinner. Until about 2:30, I really felt like I had not fulfilled on my intention because I was resisting that the days plans had changed. I really wanted my husband support because doing childcare, putting on a spread for company and getting ready for a trip was way too much to take on without another adult helping. So I went into overwhelm and I contacted our friends and canceled 4 hours before their expected arrival! This was hard to do, especially at the last minute.

So I was lamenting about it all and was frustrated thinking that I had been resisting the day and completely not fulfilling on my intention to be present, when I suddenly realized that yes I did! The day called for canceling dinner plans and I did it! I put aside my concern that it was inappropriate to do so at the last minute and I followed my heart. After that the day went smoothly. I poured myself a glass of organic red wine, made dinner while daddy read to the kids and played with them. After dinner I made cookies with the children for Valentine’s Day and then put them to bed and laying with them, even napping for an hour after dinner. This was especially nourishing for them because they always want me sleep with them at this time! I got up, went out to get some groceries for the road trip and prepped Potato Patties (and Egg Salad for lunch) so that we that we could have a quick savoury breakfast together before I head off for my trip. All in all, the day went well despite that there were unexpected events.

So while it didn’t look like the day was heading in the best direction, in truth, it was a satisfying day and I am leaving for my trip feeling pretty good. A little nervous because I have never been away from my daughter who will be three in May, overnight before, but that is a great topic for another night’s blog!

Good Night!