I am an imperfect, yet idealistic mother of two young children who has a love/hate relationship with homemaking and being a stay-at-home mom (I love planning and creating beauty and rhythm in our home , but hate the monotony of actually following through on it – day in, day out)!

I love my kids and strive to be the best mom I can without losing myself in this great responsibility of “holding the space” for these young souls to unfold in their greatest perfection! (I would like to always talk slowly and gently to my children, like a angel fairy mother, wearing long flowing dresses, barefoot and pregnant while singing sweet lullabies and putting cookies in the oven, all the while feeling thankful for my god ordained life as a mother and homemaker; but in reality I’d rather be at a coffee shop on the computer writing while drinking organic espresso by day-and by night, sipping real juice martinis over good conversation with friends…. on a balcony somewhere downtown with live music in the backround (you get my drift)!

With this blog, I am trying to recreate a context for conscious mothering and homemaking that serves  my childrens authentic needs while also feeding my heart, soul and longings for an individual life outside of that. I am not talking about compromise, but true consenus, where all our needs are wholly provided for.

My work outside the home includes nutrition consulting, Holistic Doula Care, Writing and Childbirth Education! While homemaking with children in tow is simple, it isn’t necessarily easy! I am not a the “happy homemaker type”, and at the same time  I recognize and value this time at home with my children- not because I like home making (I simply find it challenging and difficult. Not the the tasks themselves, but the ordinariness and “never-ending-ness” of it all), but because I care about the body, soul and heart needs of children and feel that a nurturing home life, rhythm and community is essential to the well-being of young children (the rest of us too!)  Putting my home life in the context of being an exercise in mindfulness and  motherhood as my path of spiritual practice gives me satisfaction amidst the anguish of longing for uninterrupted time to throw myself into other creative pursuits!!

Keep coming back here for inspiration, validation, support and practical solutions to homemaking with children in tow! Join me in creating a dynamic and fulfilling community in creating an inspired home life with children. Together we will witness, uphold and inspire one another!

I welcome guest writers, please contact me if you wish to contribute to this blog!