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“Love itself has the power to heal. To really appreciate and enjoy motherhood a woman must be loved. Unloved, she will invariably abuse or neglect her children in some way. The pain, effort and work of motherhood is rendered beautiful through her lover.” Lee Maracle from I A Woman-A Native Perspective On Sociology and Feminism

How else could a woman yield fully to her femininity without a strong masculine counterbalance? In case anyone is getting excited, I am not referring to gender, but referring to “essence”. The Yin and Yang as it were.

This quote resonates fully with me ….when I am fully in my feminine essence, I find motherhood and homemaking much easier…but if the bills aren’t getting paid or my partner is distant or pursuing me sexually without first connecting and loving me….I get aggressive and bitchy and I don’t feel like doing those damn dishes again for the 5th time today or getting someone another glass of water…I want to walk out that door and start manifesting something else…..this takes my presence away from the home and gives me the feeling of being trapped inside of it….


The child is right. Find out the valid reason for her disturbing behavior so you can respond to her need
and eliminate the cause.                            – Naomi Aldort

If you don’t do it because it helps you stay organized, or to give your children security in knowing what comes next, or because it gives the family special times to look forward to…….then do it because it will give you more energy and you will feel better (note to self!)!!!

“In the rhythmic system also we find organically expressed that quality of movement which has already been alluded to in connection with the power of feeling. The rhythmic system never tires. The limbs will go no further at the end of a mere days walk; the brain becomes exhausted with a few hours concentrated thinking; but the heart and lungs must pulse and stir without rest by day or night from the first intake of mortal air to the last out breathing of the breath of life.  It is due to this tirelessness of the rhythmic system that all work is less fatiguing in proportion as it is done rhythmically and, being so done, rests on the rhythmic system of the body. The old customs of singing and chanting at work were based on this knowledge and students of fatigue in modern times have only rediscovered the importance of making movements rhythmical if they are not to tire. But because the connection of the rhythmic system with the power of feeling is not understood, people have not begun to study the effect of feeling on the nature of fatigue.” p.18 “The Way of a Child” A.C. Hardwood

as within, so without….

“The master travels all day without leaving home. However splendid the views she stays serenely within herself.”

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